White Genocide Now!

The "Master Race" viewed from the Right

White Methocide

ngbbs46aebd64df827As the vanguard of the WHITE GENOCIDE, the American Neo-Nazi just loves to cook up his very own Zyklon B. Hitler had quite a habit himself (among other things)…

So while meth and suicidal racist psychosis are old bedfellows, only American white trash could figure out how to make a drug WORSE THAN CRACK in the trailer bathtub, and then proceed to turn their own people into brain damaged zombies with it.




21221073985031bc0373405The meth baby epidemic would be called a war crime or even genocide if someone else was shooting up pregnant white women with crystal meth.



52743da976617.imageThe White Nationalist shoots his own bitch up, so who can complain? He is so eager to wipe out his won race that his Evil Jewish Overlords don’t even have to lift a finger! He was so desperate to kill himself off that he made the poison out of cold medicine.

The whole trailer park poisoned, everything stolen or destroyed, all the men dead or in prison, a generation of retarded babies, and a few burned out meth hag welfare queens to raise them.


Downloaded 22 January 2010 Trailer burned in a suspected meth lab fire. Photos provided by the Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement Team


130404114039_randall scott johnson


118626-meth-baby-yeahThe demographic damage done by the meth epidemic is a brutal body blow to the white race. The redneck and working class communities that are ravaged by it are the last redoubts of white masculinity. Kill them all off, and it is over for Whitey, all over.

mluckertSo the only un-castrated white breeding stock left ends up dead or doing time.


Burned out crank psychos are not going to secure a future for the white race or its retarded meth-baby children.









While white methocide decimates his race, the White Nationalist is worried about obscure Marxist Jews. While a slow motion Holocaust of white children destroys the last of his healthy breeding stock, he spends his life obsessed with his conspiracy theories, and doesn’t notice.


Must have been those Jewish Overlords who sold you all that cold medicine to trick you into turning your own trailer park into a death camp for white babies, huh? Guess they done finished you off with that one, hoss.


Go ahead and play with your little swastika, white boy.

Your White Nationalist Facebook Action Playset is a fucking joke.


We smashed the whole of European civilization in order to destroy Hitler, and then we rewrote the whole history of the world to blame him for the war.


You white trash goyim are cockroaches, and your loser internet subculture is a roach motel.


We would have rolled the whole thing up already if wasn’t such a valuable source of surveillance information on your human networks.


Your entire movement is a false flag, you inbred morons.


As we escalate the school shooting incidents from your stormfront facebook friends, you will find the anti-terrorist police state turning its guns on you.

indexc x

We already have the whole legal framework in place.


Once you have been declared “terrorists” or “enemy combatants” the predator drones will go hunting.







Do you think that Obama built all those death camps just to let them sit empty?

obama-signs-off-on-american-concentration-campsWe would never have risked a practice exercise as massive and blatant as Jade Helm until the last phases of the endgame.

maxresdefaultThe White Genocide is almost here!

White Genocide: The Russian Option


Cirscumstances will be favorable to us…an anti-American mood will spread all over the world. The inevitable collapse of the dollar is not far off. Russia must stand at the forefront of ant-Americanism and lead the others. When the US, the real evil empire, collapses, we will help the victims and welcome the refugees. Sooner or later Carthage must be destroyed, and Putin will take another step towards the realization of this dream.

-Alexandr Dugin
Putin vs Putin


Russia will relaunch assembly of the massive Soviet-designed Tu-160 supersonic strategic bomber after 2023, a Russian defense official said, raising questions over the fate of a next-generation bomber program that was meant to enter production around the same time.

But although the Soviet design will be resuscitated, the bomber’s innards will be upgraded, Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov, who is responsible for weapons procurement, said late last week, news agency RIA Novosti reported.

“This will be essentially a new airplane, not a Tu-160 but a Tu-160M2,” he said. “According to the plans, this will most likely happen sometime after 2023.”

The announcement comes as Russia aggressively ramps up defense spending under President Vladimir Putin, who has sought to restore the country’s military power following years of low funding.

After Moscow’s annexation of Crimea last year sparked a confrontation with the West over Ukraine, Russian bomber patrols, including Tu-160s, have repeatedly flown along European airspace.

The Tu-160 was the last bomber designed and built by the Soviet Union. It is a supersonic swept-wing aircraft designed to deliver nuclear weapons to distant targets. Only 15 were produced before the fall of the U.S.S.R., and one produced in the early 1990s.

Since then, some of the existing planes have been modernized, but the Tu-160 production lines at the Kazan Aviation Plant have been silent. Russian military officials had said recently the airplane — dubbed “the White Swan” by the Russian air force and Blackjack by NATO — would go back into production, but have been vague about the launch date.

Last week, the commander in chief of the Russian air force, Viktor Bondarev, said that the Defense Ministry would purchase at least 50 of the new Tu-160s after production is restarted, RIA reported.



Our glorious ancient conspiracy against the white Goyim has laid their entire race to waste!



Our invisible army of Islamo-Communist Mexicans hordes have already infiltrated half of the country and the FEMA White Death Camps are long since completed.


Our false flag operations are only just beginning.




To the Obamacare death panels!!

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